Ted Cruz: Russia Invaded Ukraine Because Of ‘Catastrophic’ Mistakes By Biden Administration


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Thursday Russia invaded Ukraine because of “catastrophic” mistakes made by the Biden administration.

“We need strength and we need resolve. The reason Russia has invaded Ukraine is because of catastrophic mistakes made by President Biden and Vice President Harris,” Cruz told “America Reports.”

As Russian forces move into Ukraine, Cruz said there are two reasons the U. S. is in its situation with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The first, he notes, is the Biden administration’s “incompetently executed” and “catastrophic” withdrawal of U. S. troops out of Afghanistan last year.

“Every enemy of America across the globe looked at America and was emboldened. They looked at the Oval Office and took a measure of the man in the Oval Office, and unfortunately, they concluded that the president was weak and feckless and ineffective,” Cruz said.

Cruz went on to say that after the world witnessed the U. S.’s botched withdrawal, the chances of a Russian invasion of Ukraine increased tenfold. He added the chances of a Chinese i… (Read more)

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