Team Trump to Jim Acosta…Here’s your Proof of Mail-In Voter Fraud


You’ve been talking about voter fraud since the beginning of this administration and where is the evidence of it? All the experts say voter fraud is rare.”

President Trump told Acosta that he would supply the proof and that’s exactly what his campaign has done. Don’t look for Acosta to apologize or even acknowledge it’s existence.

The Heritage Foundation’s election fraud database. This database now has a list of 1,071 examples of verified voter fraud. Click the link and see for yourself.

Other examples include nine people who have been charged in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas with “vote harvesting” and mail ballots. A political operative in New York stealing and submitting absentee ballots, and a resident in Pennsylvania receiving seven separate ballots in the mail.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager said:

“Democrats and the mainstream media always scoff at claims of voter fraud, but then completely ignore evidence from across the country. The obvious reason is that Democrats are just fine with the possibility of voter fraud. And many in the media just see the world their way.”

The campaign also mentions voting experts including the one used by the NYT that says that the easiest way to achieve voter fraud is through mail-in ballots.

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