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TEACHER Wears Vulgar “Anti-Trump” Jacket During Classes…Student’s Snap Goes Viral and She Gets INSTANT JUSTICE


A disrespectful teacher at Sherman Jr. Senior High School in West Virginia wore a “Tuck Frump” jacket during classes. A student’s picture went viral.

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We’re just wondering why this teacher wasn’t fired on the spot!

BOONE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Boone County Schools is investigating after a picture of a teacher is circulating on social media and getting major attention. The picture shows a teacher inside her classroom wearing a jacket with an anti-Trump patch on the back of it.

The snapshot was of Sherman Junior High and High School teacher Cheryl Judy who is an art teacher at the school.

The picture shows Judy sporting a jean jacket with a play on words, disrespecting President Trump.

The neighborhood nearby the school is outrage! Some parents are calling for Judy’s resignation.

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