Teacher Says Son’s Shirt is Offensive – Dad Tells Her To Get Over It


It’s safe to say the last election got more heated than just about any other election in memorable history, and that’s saying something. While we’re used to politicians and pundits slinging mud at each other, in this last election cycle, things got personal. Some people were so emotionally invested in their choice of candidate that it led to them actually harassing people who happened to have a different opinion.

Normally, political differences aren’t a major problem between adults. If your co-worker doesn’t like your red ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap, that’s too bad. If someone on the street knocks the cap on your head and burns it, you can call police and report them for harassment. As an adult, you can suck it up, or you have recourses you can take when others might cross the line.

When it comes to children, however, it’s not always so easy. When an adult tries to shut down a child for expressing a viewpoint, it sends a bad message all around to kids. When this person is a teacher, it’s even more troubling. Authority figures shouldn’t intimidate kids who think for themselves, but sadly, some teachers can get so wrapped up in their own opinions they forget a little thing called ‘freedom of speech’.

One dad in Mississippi relayed an experience that his son had. The dad says his son went to school wearing a t-shirt, and his liberal teachers took issue with it.

Mason, a young teen, went to school one day with a ‘Hillary for Prison’ t-shirt. Not surprisingly, this caused a bit of an uproar with the Democratic candidates’ supporters. Sadly, it wasn’t just kids who commented on the sentiment.

A Clinton-supporting teacher had been harassing Mason ever since he found out the student’s family was conservative and Mason supported Trump. The teacher, not content to keep his personal opinion to himself, was constantly berating Mason about the candidates.

When Mason walked in one day wearing his ‘Hillary for Prison’ shirt, the disgruntled teacher asked if the teen wore the shirt just for him.

Mason’s dad was proud to post his son’s response. Mason told the teacher, ““No, for Chris Stevens.”

The teacher had no response.

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Chris Stevens was the American diplomat who was killed in Benghazi when militants attacked. Stevens and others in the consulate building had begged the U.S. government for more security, but then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismissed his concerns.

Clinton has since refused to accept responsibility for the lack of action. Making matters worse, Democrats in President Barack Obama’s White House spun a false narrative about the attack being due to an uproar over an anti-Muslim YouTube video released months earlier.

Many Democrats brushed off the entire scandal, and Clinton did her best to ignore it when the election rolled around, but for some it was just an example of corruption and incompetency that made it impossible for them to pull the lever for Hillary. Mason’s shirt, and his comment, was a reminder.

Source: Conservative Tribune
Photo: Controversial Times, The American Mirror

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