Liberals Freak Out After Teacher Had Students Butcher a Moose


A high school teacher in Alaska decided to give his students a real life lesson when he hunted a moose and then had 30 of his pupils butcher and process the animal.

The moose, typically a protected species, was hunted under a special permit granted for educational purposes.

Now, if that isn’t enough to already make liberals lose their minds, teacher Brian Mason brought his kill to school to be used in experiential learning as part of his World Discovery Seminar class.

Those students who weren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty were tasked with butchering, deboning, grinding and packaging the 200 pounds of meat that the moose carcass yielded.

Most of the meat was donated to charity.

Needless to say, many of the reactions on social media have been characterized by outrage.

What do you think? Proper life lesson, or unnecessary brutality?

Source: The Anchorage Daily News

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