Taliban Get China Pledge To Help Rebuilding Efforts


China pledged to help the Taliban “rebuild the country” while reiterating calls for the U. S. to lift sanctions against the new leaders of Afghanistan as the economy worsens.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the remarks to a Taliban delegation in Doha, Qatar, on Monday during the first high-level meeting between Beijing and the Taliban since it formed an interim government in September. Wang said the international community should work with the Taliban “in a rational and pragmatic manner,” the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

China “supports the efforts to restore stability and rebuild the country,” Xinhua reported, citing Wang.

The senior Chinese diplomat also stressed that the Taliban should “demonstrate openness and tolerance,” unite all ethnic groups and protect the rights of women and children, Xinhua said. Wang also said he believed the Taliban government would take effective measures to crack down on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and other terrorist organizations that pose risks to China’s national security.

China has largely welcomed the Taliban’s return to rule… (Read more)

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