Syrian Refugees Torture Elderly White Woman to Death


The problem with unchecked immigration from the Middle East is that many are coming with no intention of integrating.

Rather, the intend to impose their culture on us, and that includes unprovoked violence against non-Muslims.

A couple of months ago, an 82-year-old pensioner in Germany was found tortured to death in her own home.

Now, police know who did it. And the identity probably won’t surprise you all that much.

From Diversity Macht Frei:

According to the investigators the suspect was a “young Syrian citizen” at the time of the offence, who came to Germany in 2015 accompanied by a guardian. The prosecutor’s office did not disclose his exact age.

Police were reluctant to share even that much information fearing that even more average Germans will now view all Middle Eastern immigrants with suspicion.

This is what Liberals don’t understand.

By failing to do immigration the RIGHT WAY – with vetting and checks and proper integration – they are hurting not only our Western societies, but they are actually hurting the immigrants, too.

By letting in everyone, including the violent criminals, you set up an inevitable backlash from the local population.

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We’ve never needed President Trump’s immigration policies more than we need them now.

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