Liberal Lawmaker: Syrian Refugees Bring Terrorism With Them


A left-wing, liberal lawmaker warned that opening the gates to waves of Syrian refugees will result in more terrorism.

In fact, he stated, Europe is already facing an existential threat because it did just that.

Israeli Member of Knesset (MK) Hilik Bar made the remarks to the European Parliament in Brussels.

Bar is a member of the left-wing Labor Party. But Israel is so exposed to this problem that even its liberals can see the situation clearly. Sometimes.

Terror influx

“There is no doubt that the recent flood of refugees to Europe can be manipulated by terrorist organizations,” said Bar.

“We’ve already seen tragic examples of these tactics,” he continued.

Many of the bloody terrorist attacks in Europe recently were claimed by ISIS and similar groups. ISIS admitted that it infiltrated Europe amidst the waves of Syrian refugees.

The Israeli said Europe is hurting itself with overly liberal policies toward refugees.

“A humane policy towards real refugees must be combined with a shrewd counter-terrorism policy,” he advised. “The lower the tolerance and concessions to terror will be, the less people will consider joining a terror organization.”

Clash of civilizations

Bar said that, like it or not, the West is involved in a clash of civilizations with radical Islam.

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These groups believe “that they can change the world – change our world,” stated the Israeli.

“The clash of civilizations is here and now, and only by standing together and fighting this extremism, can we show that they are on the wrong side of history.”

Bar’s final piece of advise:

“The reason to cooperate with Israel is simple. …when the battle is existential, we have no choice but to be victorious. Ladies and gentlemen, this battle is existential.”

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Jewish-Christian Cooperation

Bar was invited to present these positions by the European Christian Political Movement. The group hopes to return Judeo-Christian values to a Europe that is today overrun with liberalism and Sharia Law.

H/T Israel National News

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