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Bashar Assad Says Syria Only Has One TRUE Enemy


Syrian dictator Bashar Assad said that even though Syria is overrun by different jihadist groups, it still only has one true enemy.

ISIS and the other groups are controlling large parts of Syria.

Turkey is regularly intervening, and not on behalf of the Syrian regime.

Saudi Arabia is helping some of the rebels.

And America has made it clear that Assad must be removed.

Despite all that, Assad insisted his nation’s only real enemy remains Israel.

“Israel alone,” Assad told the Syrian newspaper Al Watan, “is the enemy of the Syrian people.”

Civilian deaths

Many of those Syrian people would probably beg to differ with their leader. In the past few days alone, hundreds of civilians have been killed by both government and rebel forces in the city of Aleppo.

Since the start of the Syrian civil war, hundreds of thousands of civilians have died. And not one has been killed by Israel.

H/T Israel National News

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