Superman Actor Applauds Sen. Manchin For Standing Strong Against Biden’s Spending Plan


Former “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” actor Dean Cain applauded West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for standing strong against President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan.

“Way to go @Sen_JoeManchin!!” Cain tweeted on Monday.

Cain also spoke out on Tuesday regarding the left’s attacks on Manchin that claim he’s the “only” senator holding back the bill.

“You forgot about the other 50 Senators who also disagreed with the bill,” Cain observed.

You forgot about the other 50 Senators who also disagreed with the bill. https://t.co/rZjWXfCtPi

It’s not the first time Cain has spoken out on political issues that have angered those on the left. In July, Cain went on “Fox & Friends” to rip the new woke incarnation of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, blasting, “I am so tired of all of this wokeness and anti-Americanism.”

“I believe the pendulum will swing back to openly appreciating American values, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,” he added.

The Daily Wire reported what Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America from the new comic, states of the American Dream:

Here’s the thing about a dream though. A dream isn’t real. When we wake up, it goes away. And we’re left with this yearning inside. Like something was taken from us. … Lately, spending my days in this country, as the years march on by — I’m starting to think America actually has two dreams. And one lie. … The first American Dream is the one that isn’t real. It’s the one some people expect to just be handed to them, and then get angry when it disappears, when the truth is, it never really existed in the first place. Rogers continues: “This is the white picke… (Read more)

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