Super Bowl Halftime Fiasco Unmasks Liberal Hypocrisy


The halftime show from Super Bowl LIV is being talked about nearly as much, if not more than the incredible game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

A lot of Americans felt that performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira was far too sexually provocative for prime time, family-friendly viewing.

In particular, conservatives Christians were unhappy with what amounted to a 20-minute strip tease by the aging Latina singers.

As was to be expected, liberals reacted by condemning conservative Christians for being too “prude” and for trying to impose their morality on others.

The hypocrisy of the situation is that many of those same liberals vocally oppose the over-sexualization of women in our society that often leads to gender inequality and sexual harassment.

They just don’t like it when conservatives make the same arguments, but for more faith-based and family-focused reasons.

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