“Suicide” with Clinton Ties Remains Uninvestigated – Mother of Victim Speaks Out (video)


Monica Peterson, Assistant Director at the Human Trafficking Center, was found dead in Haiti after investigating Clinton’s ties to Haitian human trafficking. This was in November 2016 and the death largely remains unexplained and has not been investigated. The Haiti government took three weeks to return Monica’s body to the US for burial.

There is a lot that makes no sense.

Monica’s mother is now speaking out. Excerpts of the (below) video:

“She seemingly took her own life by hanging.”

“But since that time things that have come to light that just don’t fit with Monica’s life and her personality. When she went there 10 weeks ago, she was happy, she was up, she was motivated … and so we don’t know. What happened? What changed, so much?”

“Her family, her friends, her colleagues, just don’t see this as being her. And yes, she was upset by some of her personal living conditions in Haiti, but she dealt with similar conditions in other countries. She knew she could leave and no one would place blame on her.”

“So, we don’t want to deny or blame as a family, but none of this seems to fit her. And maybe that’s just the way it’s always going to be.”

“We will likely always have more questions than answers, about, about what transpired in that time.”

WE OWE IT TO MONICA PETERSEN – the truth needs to come out. Where is the investigation? The State Dept. needs to investigate. Monica was a US Citizen who died under suspicious circumstances abroad!

The Washington Post, who has covered this story since her death, put an end to ‘false rumors’ in an article released in December 2016 stating:

“An unexpected death is always heartbreaking. But to have a private matter become the subject of feverish speculation across the Internet is obscene.

Monica Petersen was an advocate for sex workers who disdained the rhetoric of people she considered anti-trafficking zealots. Yet some people are so quick to promote and share false narratives that they tragically turned her professional focus into the polar opposite – an investigator of a nonexistent sex trafficking ring involving Hillary Clinton in Haiti.

Please, quit sharing this nonsense on social media and let her family and friends have some peace.”

Seems there is more to this, yet main stream media decides it is a closed case.  Even The Washington Post omitted some key facts and made NO mention of the fact that the family is questioning what lead to their daughter’s unlikely hanging.  WHY has this not been investigated further.

What do you think?

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