STUNNING Archeological Find SILENCES Those Who Deny Jesus Ever Existed


More and more, liberal atheists are succeeding in painting Bible-believing Christians as morons who believe in fairytales.

But as advances in archeology continue to unearth solid evidence of the Bible’s veracity, it’s atheists who are looking increasingly foolish for refusing to acknowledge what’s right in front of them.

A favorite attack on Christians is the argument that Jesus never even existed. That he’s just a fictional character written to encourage good behavior.

But, as a number of scholars and experts have found, there is ample evidence that not only did Jesus exist, he was just as prominent in 1st century Jerusalem as the New Testament tells us.

From the Christian Post:

“There was incredible discoveries that were being made in New Testament studies that were just revolutionary,” Robert Hutchinson, a scholar who has spent years in Israel studying the New Testament, told The Christian Post in an interview. “I found that nobody was talking about this in the media. They were still repeating theories about Jesus and the gospels that are a century old — the idea that Jesus was a deluded fanatic, an apocalyptic prophet who thought the world was going to end in his lifetime.”

One of the main arguments furthered by secular scholars is that there is no proof that Jesus or anyone else mentioned in the New Testament actually existed. However, Hutchinson wrote that discoveries of ossuaires (burial boxes) in 1990 and in 2002 make that argument moot.

In 1990, construction workers uncovered the ossuary of the high priest Caiaphas. After analyzation, Hutchinson said that almost all archaeologists accept the Caiaphas ossuary as authentic.

It is also believed by some scholars that an ossuary discovered in 2002 is the burial box of James the Just, who many Christians believe is either the half-brother or cousin of Jesus.

Although some New Testament scholars, such as Ben Witherington and Hershel Shanks, believe the James ossuary is authentic, others are not completely sold on its authenticity.

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However, Hutchinson argues that the discovery of the Caiaphas ossuary and the potential authenticity of the James ossuary is enough to quell the secular claim that there is no proof that anyone mentioned in the New Testament existed.

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