Stunning Archaeological Find in Israel Has Christians Everywhere Rejoicing


Israeli archaeologists have further bolstered the Christian link to the Holy Land with a stunning find near the coastal city of Ashdod.

A former Philistine city, Ashdod was a large and important city during the Byzantine period.

At one point, a prince from the Christian kingdom of Georgia and a pope lived in Ashdod.

Given this prominence, Ashdod was reported to be home to a number of impressive churches.

But, the centuries left the city covered in sand.

Only in more recent years have Israeli researchers been able to uncover much of Ashdod’s former glory.

Most recently, they discovered a stunning 1,500-year-old mosaic that must have been the floor of either a large church or monastery.

A Greek inscription in the floor reads:

“By the grace of God, this work was done from the foundation under Procopius, our most saintly and most holy bishop, in the month Dios of the 3rd indiction, year 292.”

The mosaic is notable for using the Georgian calendar even before it was in common use in Georgia.

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Source: Fox News

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