Study Finds Jews Are Most Educated, Muslims Least


A study published by the Pew Research Center this week revealed that among the world’s major religions, Jews are the most educated and Muslims the least.

And it wasn’t just about where these different groups live.

On average, Jews complete 13.4 years of formal education. Compared to just 5.6 for Muslims and Hindus.

Christians came in second, with 9.3 years of formal schooling on average. They were followed by “Unaffiliated,” which presumably means “secular,” with 8.8 years of schooling.

Buddhists were in the middle of the pack with 7.9 years of schooling.

Location Doesn’t Matter

The study noted that most Jews live in highly developed countries where education is far more accessible. Most Muslims and Hindus, on the other hand, live in less developed countries.

However, and this is important, Pew found that one’s location didn’t necessarily matter.

In the US, Jews and Christians on average tend to be more highly educated than Muslims that also live in America.

The same is true in Israel, where Jewish and Christian test scores far outstrip those of Muslims.

Likewise, in sub-Saharan Africa, Pew noted that Christians living in Muslim countries are on average more educated than the Muslim population.

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A similar discrepancy was found when it came to the education of women.

Among Jews, there is absolutely no difference in the number of years of schooling that men and women receive. Among Christians, there is only a very slight difference of 0.4 years (men typically receive 9.5 years of schooling, and women 9.1 years).

Muslim men, on the other hand, typically get 1.5 years more schooling than women. And remember, the men are barely getting any schooling to begin with.

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