College Students Show Up For Class and Can’t Believe What Smug Professor Did to American Flag


This is outrageous.

A liberal professor at Broward College in Florida was recently caught tricking her students into stepping on the American flag, and then laughing about it.

According to Campus Reform, the professor, one Lisa Rockford, took an American flag, cut it in half, painted it white, and then placed the halves on the floors as doormats.

Unsuspecting students arriving for a school art event walked right over the flag, unaware of their act of national disrespect.

But one student, Marine Corps vet Jess Karcher, discovered what was happening, and expressed his disgust on Facebook:

According to Karcher:

“This is a American Flag Painted white and cut in half and used as a door mat. From what I was told by school officials this is freedom of expression by one of their art professors at the schools Full time Faculty Exhibition going on Jan 25-Feb 21 and nothing can be done.”

Nothing can be done about such blatant disrespect for the flag?! Are they serious?

What’s even more disgusting is that Rockford was standing right there the whole time, taking pictures of the students stepping on the flag and LAUGHING while doing so.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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