Students Celebrate Killing of Cops During Football Halftime, and Parents are Furious


America’s facing some pretty big problems.

But, despite what liberals will tell you, most are not related to the man currently sitting in the Oval Office.

In fact, a lot of these more foundational problems started during the presidency of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Chief among those problems is the inflamed racial tension that is tearing America apart. And it definitely goes both ways.

Take for instance what happened during the half-time performance of a football game at Brookhaven High School in Mississippi last week.

The local newspaper Daily Leader reported:

A halftime performance by the Forest Hill marching band on King Field in Brookhaven Friday night caused a stir in Ole Brook and across the state.

The performance included toy ­guns and the apparent shooting of a character in a dramatized scene that played out on the field as the band played. There were unofficial reports that the scene was an interpretation of the movie “John Q.”

During the performance, students wielding toy guns held hostage and eventually executed students dressed as police officers.

And this came just days after two local police officers had been shot and killed in the line of duty.

Were these students actually celebrating those murders?

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant expressed the outrage felt by many across his great state:

“This is unacceptable in a civilized society. Someone should be held accountable.”

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