Stop Releasing Dangerous Aliens: States File Motion to Halt ICE Limitations


Arizona and Montana have asked an Arizona federal court to block interim guidance issued by the Department of Homeland Security that slashes the deportations and arrests Immigration and Customs Enforcement is allowed to make when it comes to dangerous illegal aliens.

In a motion for a preliminary injunction filed Thursday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen argued the DHS guidance issued in February endangers all Americans by pausing the arrests and deportations of potentially criminal illegal aliens.

While the interim advisory’s purported aim was to prevent ICE from arresting non-violent criminals, in reality, the agency has been forced to let scores of accused murderers, rapists and kidnappers roam free in the United States.

The result has been a 50 percent drop in ICE deportations and arrests, Brnovich said in a statement Friday.

“In addition to slashing arrests and deportations, the new policy has forced the release of potentially dangerous individuals into Arizona communities,” the attorney general said.

“It is illegal and unconscionable for the federal government to force the release of dangerous criminals into Arizona communities when they are required to be deported by statute. Upholding the rule of law and preserving public safety must always come before any political or special interest group agendas.”

The district court has scheduled a May 27 hearing on the matter.

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