Stop Now. The Part of the FISA Memo Nobody Is Talking About (but Everyone Should Be)


Finally we know what the memo was all about.

The FBI had used the unverified dossier to get a warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, despite knowing that it was paid for by the DNC and by Hillary Clinton. Moreover that they failed to inform the judges when they applied for warrants or warrant extensions that the material was paid for political propaganda. This is already blowing up on social media.

But another element that is receiving less coverage is how the FBI utilized the willing media to justify their spying on the Trump team.

They also used a newspaper report in their application to help get a FISA warrant. Problem? The report itself was planted by Fusion GPS (read: the Democrats) through Christopher Steele.

From Daily Caller:

But the memo reveals that the FISA application “extensively” cited an Sept. 23, 2016 news article that was in effect planted by Fusion GPS.

That is significant because the article, written by veteran reporter Michael Isikoff, is itself based on the unverified dossier. Isikoff was among a small group of reporters who in September 2016 was briefed on the dossier by Steele and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.

A private investigator who knows both Steele and Isikoff told The Daily Caller last year that the pair are good friends, having been fixtures of the Washington, D.C. journalism circuit for decades.

The FISA application made no mention of the link between the Isikoff article and the dossier. Instead, the article was treated as corroborating evidence for the dossier. The memo says that the FISA application “incorrectly assesse[d]” that the Isikoff article was based on information separate from the dossier.

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