Steve Martin Gets CRUSHING NEWS After Tweeting About Carrie Fisher


Many celebrities have been sending their condolences after the death of Carrie Fisher, best known to most as Princes Leia. But only actor and comedian Steve Martin has been criticized for what he had to say about Fisher.

Martin suffered a flood of negative remarks over his tribute to Fisher. He was eventually shamed into deleting the post from Twitter.

In his original post, Martin said of Fisher: “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.”

He was immediately accused of being “sexist” for fist making note of Fisher’s beauty.

New York Magazine called Martin’s tweet about Fisher “extremely bad.”

Responding to that post, Twitter user Joe Bennett said, “I doubt Carrie would like to be remembered as a sex symbol first (but also smart!) I thought it was a tasteless tweet.”

Too Sensitive

But many others leapt to Martin’s defense, and took issue with our hyper-sensitive politically-correct society.

“We live in a society where Steve Martin says a few nice words about Carrie Fisher and people perceive it to be sexist,” wrote Twitter user Lawrence.

Another said that the worst part of the whole affair was that “a 71-year-old man let himself be bullied into deleting a condolence.”

Twitter user Tim Black told the “PC freaks” that they were only ensuring Trump will be president for eight years, and not just four, with their ridiculous behavior.

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Peter Cook had some advice for the whiney liberals: “If you were upset by Steve Martin’s tweet about Carrie Fisher, congratulations! You are officially addicted to outrage. Now, seek help.”

Source: Daily Mail

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