Steve Harvey UNLOADS On Liberals After Backlash Over Trump Meeting


Steve Harvey unloads on critics he says attacked him for meeting and agreeing to work with Donald Trump’s administration.


“On a personal note, a lot of ya’ll hurt me. You really did. I didn’t expect the backlash to be so fierce,” Harvey told his radio audience Monday.

“Change can only happen when we sit at the table. If we sit at the table, then we can have a say as to what’s to be eaten on the menu,” Harvey said defending his decision to work with Trump.

“I have an obligation to take a seat at the table when invited.”

The Family Feud host said he found Trump “both congenial and sincere,” and announced plans to partner with Trump’s Department of Housing and Urban Development nominee Dr. Ben Carson on restoring America’s inner cities.

Steve said on Monday “If I’m going to keep getting stabbed at, then at least while you’re stabbing me, you should understand my intent for taking the meeting in the first place.”

“When I walked away, [I was] feeling like there might be a real chance for some positive to come out of what so many people think is all gloom and doom,” he said.

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