Steve Bannon Exposes Bold New Threat to Trump Presidency


As unprecedented as the Trump presidency is in so many ways, so, too, are the threats against it like nothing Americans have ever seen, or even contemplated.

Direct impeachment doesn’t really seem viable, as much as Maxine Waters would like to believe it is.

But there could be other ways to prematurely oust Trump from the White House, and Steve Bannon is trying to warn his former boss that his enemies within are starting to sniff about.

Vanity Fair reported:

Two weeks ago, according to a source, Bannon did a spitball analysis of the Cabinet to see which members would remain loyal to Trump in the event the 25th Amendment were invoked, thereby triggering a vote to remove the president from office. Bannon recently told people he’s not sure if Trump would survive such a vote.

The Daily Wire explained:

The 25th Amendment allows the president’s Cabinet, and the vice president, to declare the president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” and approach Congress to hold hearings to decide whether the president is indeed unfit for service.

The 25th Amendment is designed for use in emergency situations; Congress thought the Amendment, as written, seemed clear cut. You’d know when the president was “unfit” because he’d be physically injured, mentally incompetent or, heaven forbid, dead. But leftists, and some anti-Trump Republicans, have argued that the Amendment’s language is intentionally vague, so as to cover a multitude of other presidential sins, including just sheer ineptitude.

It might seem nonsensical to suggest that Trump’s own hand-picked cabinet would turn on him in such a way.

But Bannon cautioned against such over-confidence.

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Bannon told Vanity Fair that Trump needs to “get serious” and start holding accountable those tasked with implementing his policies and vision.

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