Stephen Miller: Trump Said Let’s Put A Man On Mars, Biden Said Let’s See If We Can Eat BBQ


President Biden’s primetime speech on the current state of the coronavirus pandemic appeared to set artificially low expectations for the country in hopes that the White House would exceed them, according to former Trump speechwriter Stephen Miller.

Miller told Fox Business’ “Kudlow” that while President Trump exuded positive energy and optimism in his remarks to the public, Biden painted a gloomy picture that he might not recommend Americans celebrate Independence Day unless the administration’s virus mitigation thresholds are met.

“It was so gloomy. It didn’t inspire or uplift at all,” said Miller. “Let’s pull the curtain back a bit. Here’s what’s going on for you and your audience and everybody listening: They are deliberately setting extraordinarily low on ambitious, uninspiring goals on the theory that they can exceed these incredibly dismal objections.”

Miller said Biden’s comments about Independence Day may be one of the “least inspring calls-to-action in human history.”

“If we stay closed, if we suffer, if we struggle, if we sacrifice, if we hurt, then maybe, just maybe, Larry, on July 4, you can have dinner with your own family in your own backyard. I couldn’t believe i… (Read more)

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