Stephen Miller: America’s enemies see ‘the president is not home’ and ‘they are pouncing’


Former Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller warned Friday that President Biden’s verbal slips and gaffes are becoming a “national security crisis.”

“Our adversaries around the world — Iran, Russia and Venezuela and China — they are looking at the United States and its chief representative, the president of our country, who is unable to get through even a softball interview without a cheat sheet and falls three times going up a flight of stairs. It’s sad to watch,” Miller said during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

Miller’s remarks came after host Sean Hannity played clips showing Biden requiring a “cheat sheet” when responding to questions and referring to his vice president as “President Harris.”

Earlier Friday, Biden stumbled multiple times as he ascended the steps to board Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

“I take no pleasure in it,” Miller said. “This is extremely serious. I have walked up and down those stairs many times. They are not slippery, and the Air Force makes sure they are not slippery.”

Hannity noted that the media has been largely silent on Biden’s tripping incident, contrasting that with wall-to-wall coverage of then-President Donald Trump gingerly walking down a ramp following an event in West Point, New York.

He played clips of Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough criticizing Trump and theorizing about his fitness for off… (Read more)

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