Stephen Miller: ‘Alternative Electors’ Will Send Trump Votes To Congress


The Electoral College’s vote will not end President Donald Trump’s hopes for reelection, as his allies are planning to send an “alternative” slate of electors to Congress, senior White House adviser Stephen Miller argued Monday as electors gathered nationwide to cast their votes.

“The only date in the Constitution is Jan. 20,” Miller said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” “We have more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certify Donald Trump as the winner of the election.”

Miller added that “as we speak, an alternate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote and we’re going to send those results up to Congress. This will ensure that all of our legal remedies remain open. That means that if we win these cases in the courts, we can direct that the alternate state of electors be certified.”

Miller said Trump supporters will be acting as “alternates” in the contested states of Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and submit their own unofficial results.

If Trump’s campaign succeeds in any of its continued legal efforts in those states, the “alternate” electors would be recognized by a joint session of Congress when it convenes on Jan. 6 to count the electoral votes and officially declare the w… (Read more)

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