Stephen K. Bannon Files Motion To Request All Documents In Court Case Be Made Public


Stephen K. Bannon, the former Trump White House adviser, has filed an opposition to the U. S. district court’s standard protective order for discovery, which prohibits either side from releasing documents or evidence publicly.

Bannon, 67, pleaded not guilty last week to contempt-of-Congress charges, and his legal team previously argued that the case would be more complicated by agreeing to the prosecution’s protective order for discovery.

“Members of the public should make their own independent judgment as to whether the U. S. Department of Justice is committed to a just result based upon all the facts,” said a statement provided to The Washington Post on behalf of Bannon. “In the opposition filed today, Mr. Bannon asked the judge to follow the normal process and allow unfettered access to and use of the documents.”

Assistant U. S. Attorney Amanda R. Vaughn has said that there are “less tha… (Read more)

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