Stephen Colbert, Who Claims To Be Christian, Directly Insults God Live On Air


TV funnyman Stephen Colbert claims to be a Catholic Christian. Yet, time and again, he’s demonstrated that liberalism is his true religion.

So much so that in a recent broadcast of The Late Show, Colbert directly insulted God to make a liberal argument.

Colbert was in the midst of slamming Attorney General Jeff Sessions for addressing a gathering of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian group that opposes gay marriage, when the following clip happened.

In it, Colbert calls these fellow Christians a “hate group.” He then acknowledges that the Bible does say somewhere that marriage should be between a man and a woman, before calling the author of that stipulation “uptight.”

Well, Colbert, as a good Catholic, you should be perfectly aware that the author of that particular passage, like all those surrounding it, was the Almighty, given that all Scripture is inspired by God.

As others have noted, Colbert’s tirade also exposed his utter hypocrisy.

When was the last time he so lambasted pious Muslims for opposing gay marriage? After all, Christians may preach against it, but Muslims actually execute homosexuals.

Oh, that’s right, liberals like Colbert all but ignore the religious fundamentalism of their Muslim allies, giving weight to the argument that their true agenda is not tolerance, but rather removing the God of the Bible from modern society.

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