States Passing ‘English Only’ Laws … Do You Support This?


Liberals have long been trying to get Americans to change their ways of doing things in order to accommodate foreigners.

The problem is that this is America, and we shouldn’t have to change the way we do things because other people are coming into our country. After all, they’re flocking to our country for a reason. Maybe we should take this as a hint and keep up what we’ve already been doing since clearly it’s working.

According to liberals, we should be changing the way our schools operate. Even though English is the official language of the United States of America, the left is dead set on having our public schools teach in different languages.

Many states are now mandating that English be the only language that is taught in schools. The map below shows which states are enforcing this law:

Is it really unfair to ask people who migrate to America to learn our language?

It seems logical enough to me that when you decide to move to another country, you should expect to learn the their language in order to communicate with citizens of that country. Call me crazy, but it just seems to make the most sense to have a national language in order to communicate with one another. reported:

While the federal government does not recognize an official language, roughly 30 states have passed laws designating English as the official language. A few states have gone further by requiring their public schools to teach only in English.

The federal government sets education standards and goals through laws such as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and it occasionally uses the threat of reduced funding to compel states to comply. However, education policy and curriculum is set at the state and local level.

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Only a few states have passed English-only education laws, although there have been failed efforts in other states. For example, in 1998, California voters enacted a proposition that requires the state’s schools to teach only in English and to stop providing bilingual education programs, subject to certain exceptions. Although test scores of English-learning students rose after the proposition was passed, a report submitted to the California Department of Education after five years of review stated that there was no conclusive proof that English-only instruction was the cause of the rising scores. In 2014, California’s legislature passed a law to end the state’s experiment with English-only instruction (schedule to take effect in 2017).

There are other states in our country that have passed English-only educations laws. These states include Arizona back in the year 2000 and Massachusetts back in 2002. Voters in Colorado turned down the chance at an English-based instruction initiative that was proposed in 2006, just as Oregon voters did in 2008.

There are always going to flaws with our educational system in the United States, just as there are with any country’s educational system. The best that we can do is implement laws and regulations that will better help our students learn. The only way we can help our students learn is to create uniform learning standards and practices. Mandating that the only primary language used to teach students is English would help integrate our schools and make a more fluid learning structure within our country. What are your thoughts on English Only Laws?

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