State Passing Law Banning Using Food Stamps To Buy Junk Food. Do You Support This Law?


WOW! This needs to be done in all 50 states in America! Do you agree?

The state of Maine is seeking the approval of the federal government to ban the use of food stamps to purchase certain types of food.

State health officials claim that too much candy and soft drinks are leading to significant health care costs for the estate.

Mary Mayhew, the commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, says that the State is facing an obesity epidemic, and wants to prohibit the use of food stamps to buy certain foods.

Maine says that it spends about seven hundred million dollars on obesity related health care costs each year, and that the number is growing.

While this requests do make a certain amount of sense, from a fiscal perspective, they are drawing a lot of fire from libertarian minded citizens who feel that one’s food and health choices are private matters.

People have taken to social media and the internet to say things like:

“Perhaps a penalty tax for everyone who is 25 pounds overweight could also be introduced on the floor. Maybe a resolution to ban all companies from doing business in the state of Maine who test their products on animals would work well for you. The bottom line is that the State is not the authority nor should they be. Government cannot be allowed to remove freedom of choice from it’s people. “- MD Crandell

“Why politicians think they have to legislate what poor people eat is beyond me. Just goes to show you the level of empathy of some of our elected officials.”- Trevor Moore

What do you think about this move from the state of Maine? SHARE IF YOU AGREE WITH THEM!

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