State PASSES ‘third gender option” mandate!



As of July 3, 2017, Oregon is now the first state in the US to allow a third gender option on licenses and identification cards, a major civil rights victory for non-binary people who identify as neither male nor female.

This will allow people to put an “X” marker on state IDs and driver’s licenses instead of the traditional “M” for male or “F” for female, a move that activists hope will spark reforms across the country that expand the legal recognition of gender-nonconforming people.

“This change in ID is a huge piece of validation for me,” said J Gibbons, a 26-year-old Portland resident.  “The state of Oregon sees me for who I am. I don’t even think ‘excitement’ can capture all of my emotions about this change.”

Third gender options are possible in Australia, New Zealand, and India.  And legislation is in the works in many states in the union.

What do you think?

Some say “let it be”, this is a battle not worth fighting over …  but where will it lead?

Source NPR

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