Starbucks Surrenders To Trump’s Common Sense Demands, First Time in 9 years


Folks, the war is over!

Starbucks surrenders to Trump’s common sense demands about next Christmas.

We all know well that during Obama’s 8-year presidency, liberals loved to use Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas.

Starbucks refused to say the word Christmas or even show any Christmas scenes on their ubiquitous coffee cops. Do you remember their cups from last year?

That our culture has devolved to the point that saying or showing Christmas was a bad thing.

Well, things have changed with President Trump.

Love America, Honor the flag and celebrate Christmas.

Starbucks just released their new Christmas cups and to the shock of everyone the cups have Christmas trees and celebrate Christmas.

According to Mashable, after years of not recognizing Christmas “the 2017 cups feature a Christmas tree, doves, ornaments, presents, and holiday cards.”

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Trump will keep on winning!

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