Starbucks Refuses Trump’s Order, Gets DEVASTATING NEWS… They’re RUINED


Starbucks thinks it can defy President Trump and get away with it?!

They are going to learn the same painful lesson that so many liberal Hollywood elites are learning – you defy President Trump, you are defying Americans!

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that in response to President Trump’s temporary immigration restrictions, he is going to hire 10,000 foreign refugees over the next several years.

But Schultz forgot one important thing. Hiring based on nationality is ILLEGAL in the United States.

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It is illegal to hire based on nationality

The backlash was immediate and severe.

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Starbucks could be facing a major boycott that would ruin their business.

Boycott Starbucks

On Twitter, long-time customers voiced their displeasure with the new Starbucks policy.

SHARE this story if you plan to BOYCOTT STARBUCKS for defying our president!

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