Starbucks in HUGE trouble – they are BEGGING Trump to save them!


Remember when Starbucks vowed to protest President Trump and his policies by hiring 10,000 Muslim refugees?

Yeah, so, a big I TOLD YOU SO is now in order.

Starbucks had already taken a pretty big hit just after that foolish announcement. Their stock immediately dropped around 20 percent.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz insisted the dip was temporary and that a conservative boycott would have no impact on the company.

Well, things have gotten a whole lot worse since then.

Over the past several months, Starbucks has lost a WHOPPING 24 PERCENT OF ITS BRAND VALUE.

Now, a major player like Starbucks can NOT afford such losses if it wants to survive.

Pushing out conservatives is a BAD business decision.

And the Starbucks board finally saw that and gave Schulz the boot. His replacement starts next month.

Meanwhile, Starbucks is trying to now woo Trump-supporters by announcing that it will hire 10,000 MILITARY VETERANS to balance out those 10,000 Muslim refugees.

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Indeed, a public endorsement by Trump would probably save the company. But they’re very unlikely to get it.

What do you think? Is this enough to win back your business?

H/T The Black Sphere

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