Stacey Abrams Makes Cameo Appearance In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ As ‘President Of United Earth’


Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made a cameo appearance Thursday on the Season 4 finale of “Star Trek: Discovery” as the “President of United Earth.”

Abrams is a huge Star Trek fan, according to Decider. She’s appeared on Star Trek podcasts, spoken openly in interviews about her love for the franchise, and even compared her candidacy for the Georgia governor’s seat as sitting in the “captain’s chair,” the outlet reported. Abrams did a deep-dive interview with NowThis Nerd in 2020 where she detailed how Star Trek has shaped her as a woman.

Abram’s cameo on the show as the President of United Earth was a surprise to fans, as there was no prior announcement or tease of her appearance, according to Decider. In the episode “Coming Home,” Abram’s character visits the “Discovery” to officially accept an invitation to join the “United Federation of Planets.”

“We wanted to lock it down at every stage of the game,” Michelle Paradise, “Star Trek: Discovery’s” co-showrunner and writer of the finale episode, told Decider, “We didn’t want that to get ahead of the show, and we wanted that to be an organic moment, for the audience to experience that in the moment. Everyone on our whole team was on board… It’s not as hard to lock those things down when everyone is on the same page.”

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