Speed Skater Shani Davis Has Humiliating Olympic Finish


Speed Skater Shani Davis who claimed a “coin flip” was racist, finished19th place in the 1500m race.

From Yahoo:

From Yahoo Sports

GANGNEUNG, South Korea – After a disappointing 19th-place performance in the 1,500 meters here, Shani Davis approached a small gathering of American reporters.

“We will stick to skating questions,” the public-relations man said, with Davis nodding at his ground rules.

Yes, skating only. If only it was that easy. If Shani Davis could stick to only skating, the 35-year-old might be enjoying a victory lap of sorts here no matter how he fared on the ice. There’s never been any question about Davis on the ice. He’s a legend.

He won a gold (1,000) and a silver (1,500) in Turin in 2006, and duplicated the results four years later in Vancouver. Then there are the slew of world championships, his sheer longevity and his pioneering status that helped attract a new generation of African-American long-track speed skaters to a sport where Davis used to be all alone.

He’s one of the most exciting speed skaters of all time. When he was introduced here before his race, fans from around the world gave him a warm round of applause. Everyone was happy to see him skate again, the guy who was drawn to the sport after learning to roller skate growing up on the South Side of Chicago.

It’s never been only skating for Davis, though. In Turin, there was a controversy over not getting picked for team pursuit. In Sochi in 2014 he blasted the USOC for a lack of support, among other things. Through the years he’s battled with the Under Armour, other sponsors, the USOC, the media and competitors.

Then came last week when he lost out on being the American flag bearer for the Opening Ceremonies. Athletes vote for the honor, with each winter sports commission getting one vote. Davis finished tied, 4-4, with luger Erin Hamlin. Per the written rules a coin flip determined the winner. Hamlin won.

Davis took to Twitter to claim Team USA “dishonorably tossed a coin” and remind everyone it was Black History Month. A number of U.S. athletes found the complaint unwarranted and a slight that took the focus off Hamlin, who had nothing to do with any of it. Then Davis skipped the Opening Ceremonies and has yet to speak publicly to American media about the issue.

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