South Korea Refuses to Take Muslim Refugees. Here’s Why


While Western nations bicker over how many Middle East Muslim refugees to allow in, some nations are closing their gates altogether.

In particular, far-east Asian countries have been largely unwilling to accept any Muslim refugees from the Middle East, often describing their cultural leanings as incompatible with the would-be host nation.

South Korea is one of those countries.

The Korea Observer reported this week that a mere three Syrian Muslim refugees have been granted entry to the country since 2014.

“Most of the Syrians have sought asylum on the grounds of civil war,” read a statement released by the South Korean Ministry of Justice. “However, civil war is not sufficient grounds for granting refugee status.”

The government in Seoul also pointed to problems of integration in European countries that took in large numbers of Muslim refugees.

“Judging by what we see in Europe, we would prefer to protect our women, rather than potentially place them at risk,” the statement continued.

For many fundamentalist Muslims, the rape of non-Muslim women is considered permissible, and even encouraged by some sects.

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