South Carolina To Bring Back Firing Squads For Executions


South Carolina is poised to bring back firing squads to its list of execution methods amid a shortage of drugs to carry out lethal injections in an effort to resume capital punishment after a decade.

The state House voted 66-43 Wednesday on legislation that would allow death row inmates to choose between being shot or electrocuted if lethal injection drugs aren’t available. The state is one of nine that still use the electric chair and will become the fourth to use firing squads.

The state Senate approved the bill in March. After another routine vote in the House, the bill will head to the desk of Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, who said he will sign it.

“We are one step closer to providing victims’ families and loved ones with the justice and closure they are owed by law,” he tweeted Wednesday after the vote. “I will sign this legislation as soon as it gets to my desk.”

Supporters say the bill will deliver justice to those convicted of violent crimes. Opponents decried the death penalty but also cited the possibility of… (Read more)

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