SOTU Alert: Trump’s Got a Big Surprise for Democrats


Democrats thought they had put President Trump in his place by delaying the State of the Union speech.

In the end, they are going to sorely regret making him wait, because that bit of extra time has given Trump an opportunity to prepare a little surprise for liberals and Democrats.

When Trump does finally deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday, he intends to push the pro-life message, hard.

That’s a direct reaction to the horrific law recently passed by New York allowing women to kill their own children right up until the moment of birth, and the widespread liberal celebrations over that legislation.

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump is telling conservative allies he wants to incorporate firm anti-abortion language into his State of the Union address Tuesday, and potentially include an anti-abortion figure among his list of invitees, according to four sources familiar with his plans.

Trump sees an opening to energize his evangelical supporters and capture moderate voters who administration officials believe may be turned off by widespread coverage of New York’s newest abortion law, which allows for termination of some pregnancies after the 24-week mark for health reasons.

“The president wants to reaffirm his commitment to pro-life things,” said the Republican close to the White House, adding that Trump doesn’t want his third appearance before a joint session of Congress to be “all fire and brimstone.”

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