Something Very Unexpected Happened at the North Korea Summit, and Trump’s Trying to Brush It Off


President Trump’s second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was a meticulously planned affair.

But in the end, it did not go according to plan.

Trump and Kim were scheduled to hold an hours-long negotiation, followed by lunching together, and then on to a signing ceremony.

They only managed to get through part of that initial negotiation period before the entire summit came to an abrupt end.

Speaking to the press after, Trump insisted his time with Kim had been “very productive,” but there were hints in the president’s remarks that perhaps he was just being diplomatic.

For instance, Trump referred to Kim as “quite a character,” which isn’t necessarily a compliment. He also noted that despite several options being discussed, both he and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “felt that it wasn’t a good thing to be signing anything.”

Other sources claimed that Kim had insisted that any agreement reached that day would include a full cessation of sanctions against North Korea.

That the meeting didn’t go quite as well as Trump had hoped was indicated by the fact that in his post-summit press appearance, the president led by talking about his policies regarding India, Pakistan and Venezuela.

Of course, these kinds of hiccups were to be expected. After all, we are dealing here with a reclusive and bizarre authoritarian regime led by a man-child with little-to-no real-world diplomatic experience.

That Trump has managed to bring the North Koreans to the table at all is a resounding foreign policy success.

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Source: CNN

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