Something Horrible Happened at Sunday’s NFL Game Between the Dolphins and Eagles


They’re at it again.

While the childish protests of the National Anthem ahead of NFL games are certainly much reduced this season, they are still happening.

At Sunday’s face-off between the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles, several players on both sides decided to take a knee as a slap in the face to our great nation.

Via Breitbart:

Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson knelt during the playong of the national anthem on Sunday. While Miami defender Robert Quinn raised a fist in protest.

Only one player, Eagles defender Michael Bennett, protested during the season opener.

Even more disappointing than the protest itself was the fact that the NFL decided at the last minute to freeze a new policy forbidding players from dishonoring the Flag.

The league claimed that push-back from both players and fans forced its hands, but that doesn’t sound right considering how many Americans decided to stop watching NFL games last season BECAUSE of the disrespectful kneeling.

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