What Happened When Trump Stepped Off the Plane in DC Could Change EVERYTHING


When Donald Trump stepped off the plane in Washington, DC on Thursday, something happened that most didn’t take notice of.

But it was something very important, something that is going to change everything.

Trump is coming into office ready to go. He is hitting the ground running in a big way.

Our new president has already improved relations with a number of important allies, brought hundreds of thousands of jobs back to America, and put a cabinet together in record time.

All before he even entered the Oval Office.

Well, he’s also fired up our military, which was badly neglected by Obama.

And the military has signaled that it is excited about this new commander-in-chief.

That was clear on Thursday when Air Force officers proudly snapped to attention and SALUTED when Trump stepped off the plane.

You don’t salute civilians. You salute your commanding officer.

At that most important moment, Donald Trump became the supreme commander of the US Military!

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