Something Happened at Trump-Trudeau Press Briefing That Has the Mainstream Media PANICKING


The liberal mainstream media has made it’s bed, and now it must lie in it, as the saying goes.

The meeting between President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marked a watershed for the mainstream media. And, no, I’m not talking about the exaggerated reporting of that awkward initial handshake.

During the press briefing following his meeting with Trudeau, Trump did something that has the mainstream media in an even bigger panic than it already was.

He passed over their raised hands and called on lesser-known media outlets.

Reporters from the mainstream media expressed outrage after Trump dared to call on a local ABC news affiliate and the Daily Caller while answering questions side-by-side with Trudeau.

“HOW DARE HE!,” howled the snobbish media elites.

“By handpicking reporters, Trump manages to get through a news conference without being asked about Flynn,” whined New York Times reporter Peter Baker on Twitter, referring to the sudden resignation of Trump’s new National Security Advisor.

But Baker was called out by a fellow mainstream reporter, Bloomberg’s Angela Greiling Keane, who responded to his tweet:

“By *handpicking* friendly reporters. To be fair, the previous WH also handpicked reporters. But it was very different than this”

Big wigs at NBC, the Washington Post and others all screamed their disapproval like spoiled children.

But the media can’t treat President Trump like garbage and then expect him to do them any favors.

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And more than that, as the Washington Times pointed out, what Trump did during that press briefing is actually quite refreshing:

“It’s refreshing to see a White House give voice to lesser known news outlets – it’s more democratic in a way, opening the press corps up to different lines of questioning.”

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