Something AWFUL Happened to Ashley Judd While Leading Anti-Trump Rally


A mob of liberal feminists descended on Washington, DC on Saturday to howl their discontent with President Trump.

Among their leaders was actress and prominent Hollywood libtard Ashley Judd.

And her ranting was just as incoherent and unhinged as one might expect.

Judd spent a good portion of her time with the microphone screeching about having to pay tax when buying tampons.

Yes, as a woman, Judd feels she is being discriminated against for having to pay tax when buying this particular product.

Popular conservative YouTube commentator Mark Dice summed up the absurdity:

“A rabid feminist was ranting and raving about having her period and having to
pay taxes on tampons…

“The lunatic’s name is Ashley Judd, who was trending on Twitter this afternoon… apparently this Ashley lunatic has been in some films, so of course she’s seen as a celebrity god to the mentally-enslaved morons.

“And here they are, carrying her as she complains about her period and having to pay taxes on tampons. No, I’m not joking.”

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Judd runs a very real risk of making herself even more irrelevant, and therefore even more unable to score roles in successful movies.

But, like most frothy-mouthed liberals, she just can’t keep quiet. And so she’ll pay the price with an even bigger downturn. That moment on the stage in Washington, DC – that most likely marked the final nail in the coffin of her career.

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