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Somali woman BRUTALLY attacks dog owner shouting “Dogs are UNCLEAN”!


A 54 year old Viennese woman is hospitalized after a BRUTAL ATTACK requiring two surgeries and an artificial knee.

And all for owning a DOG?

Seems the 18 year old veiled Somali asylum seeking woman can’t leave her culture behind, and decided attacking the 54 year old female dog owner was a good decision.

In broad daylight “Ingrid T.” was at her garden gate talking to a neighbor with her two pups.  One, an older deaf and almost blind, three-legged Collie mix, the other a puppy.  As the “pretty veiled woman” approached, Ingrid went to pull back the pup, when, as Ingrid says:

“She grabbed me, spun me around and scratched me” … until both fell to the ground.   It took three men to pull the woman off the 54-year-old.

“I couldn’t feel my legs,” recalls Ingrid T.

Why did all that happen?

The Somali husband supposedly told Ingrid T in the hospital: “We don’t want dogs, they are filthy!”

Ingrid T. is expecting a long recovery. Who will pay for all this? Her lawyer, Manfred Ainedter, doesn’t know. The Somali woman does not have liability insurance: “This will probably be a precedent.”

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This IS absurd.  Austria OPENED IT’S DOORS for people seeking asylum yet THEY are the one attacked by THEM! 

H/T Breitbart

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