Socialist President Maduro had steak and a cigar at ‘Salt Bae’ restaurant as Venezuelans go hungry


A footage surfaced allegedly showing Venezuela president Nicolás Maduro (the man responsible for the country’s economic collapse and food shortages so severe they are causing starvation) feasted on steak with celebrity chef Salt Bae in Istanbul over the weekend.

The celebrity chef bragged about hosting Maduro but has now-deleted the Instagram post because of online backlash.

In the video, Maduro smiles and laughs while smoking a cigar as Gökçe finishes the meat— “Look how he salts it!” someone says off camera. Gökçe later presents Maduro with a T-shirt of himself sprinkling salt, draping it over the leader like a bib.

As Maduro feasted, his country starves, according to several recent reports. Nearly a third of Venezuelans say they regularly eat only once a day and nearly 30 percent say they ate “nothing or close to nothing” at least one day a week, according to a poll by Meganalisis. The country also faces a mass exodus, as an estimated 2.3 million have fled to live abroad because of the current government instability, according to the United Nations.


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