Social Media Giants Make Shock Announcement About How Russia Helped Trump Win Election


Representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google were dragged before Congress recently to explain how in the world they could allow Russia to so blatantly interfere in America’s presidential election.

After all, most Americans are getting their information these days from one of those three platforms, if not all three.

And, the companies all agreed, Russia took advantage of that fact to influence American voters against Hillary Clinton.

Facebook acknowledged that in the run-up to the election, some 120 Russian-backed accounts made over 80,000 posts, of which some 126 MILLION Americans saw at least one. Twitter found over 35,000 automated Russian accounts that had tweeted 1.4 million times.

Those numbers sound huge. And that, along with lawmakers’ condemnations, was about all the mainstream media reported.

Take, for instance, NBC News, which bemoaned that one-third of all Americans received Russian propaganda during the election campaign.

What’s conveniently left out, or buried under paragraphs of alarmist reporting, is that both Facebook and Twitter clarified that these Russian propaganda posts made up an infinitesimal amount of the overall content seen by users of their platforms.

In the case of Facebook, those 80,000 posts represented a mere “four-thousandths of one percent (0.004%) of content in News Feed.”

On Twitter, “Russian-linked, automated accounts constituted less than three quarters of a percent (0.74%) of the overall election-related tweets on Twitter at the time.”

In other words, there’s no way Russian propaganda on either platform played any kind of major role in swaying the presidential election.

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It was minuscule in comparison to homegrown propaganda by both campaigns and their American supporters.

Source: NBC News

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