Smuggler Caught Using Biden’s Border Patrol to Hitch Rides to the Border Repeatedly


On Thursday, The Washington Times reported that Ayala had turned himself in to Border Patrol at least six times between mid-April and mid-May, each time at the same part of the border, after crossing from Mexico. He was a single adult — which meant, under COVID-era guidance, he would be expelled from the country immediately.

Five of those times, the Border Patrol drove him back to Mexico and summarily deported him. Even though multiple re-entries are nominally a felony, authorities have avoided prosecuting most offenders during the pandemic.

Upon his sixth capture, however, they didn’t let him go. That’s because they allege he was a human trafficker who brought those he was smuggling into the country on foot. Instead of walking the 16 hours back to Mexico after dropping his charges off, however, he’d hitch a ride with the Border Patrol.

It’s almost like a taxi — except if it were a taxi, Ayala would have paid.

When he was captured May 16 with a group of four other individuals, however, the swift deportations were over for Ayala.

“The return-trip scam is the latest in a long line of tactics that allow smugglers to slip through holes in the nation’s defenses,” Stephan Dinan reported in The Times.

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