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Smug Trump-Hater Walks Into Court, and Then…BAM! Judge Wipes That Smirk Off His Face


Dane Powell was proud of what he had done. He was part of the “resistance,” and unlike many others, Powell had actually been “in the trenches.”

Powell was among the thousands who on Inauguration Day demonstrated most vividly how undemocratic Democrats can be.

Along with his many masked cohorts, Powell decided he didn’t like how American had voted in the presidential election. And so they proceeded to act like the very violent fascists that liberals claim Trump-supporters are.

Powell was one of 234 people arrested that day for violently rioting in Washington, DC.

Powell himself hurled bricks at police officers, a fact that he proudly admitted to when initially questioned.

Oh, but Powell was no longer smiling when he stood before Judge Lynn Leibovitz of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for sentencing.

“I stand before you today asking for forgiveness for anyone who was scared, hurt or felt threatened by me on that day,” he pleaded.

Leibovitz was having none of his crocodile tears, and hit Powell with a 3-year prison sentence.

Let’s hope Powell is shown the same courtesy behind bars as he showed his fellow Americans for voting Trump.

Source: Breitbart

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