6 Murdered In Terrifying Attack On White People, The Reason that MSM keeps Hiding


‘Racist serial killer’ who threatened to ‘kill all white people’ charged with murdering six.

A ‘racist serial killer’ who posted ‘kill all white people’ on social media has been accused of murdering six people.

Fredrick Demond Scott, 22, denied three killings last Autumn, but was indicted on suspicion of another three murders last Friday.

His alleged victims, Karen Harmeyer, 64; John Palmer, 54; Steve Gibbons, 57; Michael Darby; Timothy Rice, 57; and David Lennox, 67, were all white.

They were killed on Kansas City’s walking and biking trails from August 2016 until mid-2017.

‘Serial killer’ accused of targeting white victims charged with three further slayings
Credit: Jackson County Jail

Court documents dug up by local news outlets after showed that in 2014 he spoke of wanting to kill himself and ‘kill all white people.’


Most MSM websites are not even reporting the word RACIST … They just like to use it for President Trump.

H/T: Metro

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