Singer Shows Up to GRAMMYS and DESTROYS Anti-Trump Liberals WITHOUT SAYING A WORD


We all knew the Grammy Awards was going to be political. Liberal celebrities just can’t seem to stick to what we pay them for, and think they have the right to tell us for whom to vote for president.

Well, singer and songwriter Joy Villa showed up to the Grammys determined to make a political point, too. Just not the one most of her industry colleagues expected.

Villa walked down the red carpet unabashedly wearing a red, white and blue dress with the slogan “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on the front, and “TRUMP” on the back.

Joy Villa just became the star of the conservative movement

Now THAT took a LOT of guts!

Some conservative celebrities have expressed their displeasure with the wild anti-Trump behavior of their more liberal colleagues. Some moderate liberal celebrities have done the same.

But Villa just stuck it to the liberal entertainment elite in a MAJOR WAY, and on LIVE TV!

And the mainstream media! Oh man. They may not have liked what Villa did, but she did in such a way that who could condemn her? Still, that didn’t stop many in the media from LOSING THEIR MINDS… as usual.

The media could not handle Joy Villa

Well, we say: Bravo, Joy Villa! Bravo!

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Joy Villa just destroyed the liberal establishment

H/T 100PercentFedUp

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